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Patch and Back - Pumpkin Carving 2023

Bluegrass Financial Partners client appreciation event - fun for the family

We held our annual "Patch and Back" (new event name given by the one and only Ryan Snellen) on October 14th and 15th. There was enough interest we did it twice!

The gist of the event is exactly as the name suggest. We loaded up on a hag wagon, pulled by a 1953 John Deere B tractor skillfully driven by Ryan. (what can't he do!) 15-20 minute ride down the rode there was a local pumpkin patch called Wilmoth's Pumpkins and More. And let me tell you they have THE BEST selection of pumpkins you have EVER seen.

Once we selected our pumpkins we loaded back up and to head back to Snellen Farms where all the paints and carving supplies were waiting and ready. Then its a free for all to let your creepy and creative mind loose!

It's truly a fun and unique event that the kids and parents look forward to every year.

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