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for the long run

bluegrass financial partners

here to help when...

starting a new family

Adding to your family whether its by marriage, having a baby, adoption, etc is by far one of the most significant life events. Together we work to implement thorough strategies that open the opportunity to achieve your life goals.


transitioning careers 

Changing jobs, switching companies, or even leaping into a brand new industry can be exciting, yet stressful. We are here to consult with you on your new or existing 401K, IRA, stock options, etc.

planning for retirement

We will implement the most efficient income strategies that fits your specific needs so that you may retire with confidence. Having confidence in your retirement income is something you can't afford not to have.


planning your legacy

Protecting yourself and family for the "IF's" in life can bring financial security by being prepared. Estate planning is to both take care of you now as well as the loved ones who will carry on your legacy.

which lane are you in?

It's easy to get started. Simply reach out to us by phone or email and we will begin our journey. Our relationship starts with an easy consultation in order to get to know you and your goals. We then design a specific plan that works with your family and life style no matter which lane you are in. It is of the utmost importance to us that you are knowledgeable about your options and what is happening with your money. 

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cash flow
debt management
risk management
Savings & Goals
retirement income

Are you building up your Emergency reserve?  Typically consists of 3-6 months fixed expenses taking into account upcoming expenses.

Are you confused on how and what to pay off first? 

Do you need an expert to help anticipate the unexpected?

Are you saving for a goal? We will customize a plan to get you there.

How confident are you that your money will not only provide but out last your retirement?

Are you maximizing your assets to your heirs? 

Legacy Planning

 Ryan Snellen pictured here on his family farm in Hodgenville, KY


Rooted in honesty, integrity, and wholesome care for our clients, Bluegrass Financial Partners is a  privately owned financial services firm whose advisors specialize in advanced retirement strategies and estate planning. Founded in 2017 after our principle partner, Ryan Snellen CFP®, ChFC®, spent nearly 10 years in the corporate financial planning world. He realized he wanted to offer his clients a independent financial planning experience that is honest and empowers them with knowledge of what is happening with their money.


We operate with a no-nonsense approach to helping you achieve your goals. 



Ryan grew up in the heart of the Bluegrass state in Hodgenville, Ky on a dairy farm with his two siblings. He is no stranger to hard work whether it is physical labor or difficult strategic planning. Growing up he witnessed first hand how his family proved to be a self made success and provide sustainability for the family. Bluegrass Financial Partners is to embody the uniqueness of his upbringing and provide independent fiduciary advisement you deserve. 

our mission

Bluegrass Financial Partners strives to profoundly impact and inspire one relationship at a time. We operate with a no-nonsense approach to helping you achieve your goals.  For every dollar you earn we help you keep as much of that dollar as possible. We help grow your dollar, protect your dollar, take back the dollar, and help transfer that dollar to the next generation.

Phone: 615-703-3238
Nashville, TN

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