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Happy Retirement to the Couts!

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Meet Doug and Frieda Couts. Frieda retired in 2015, and Doug recently joined her in the retirement life in March 2021 from Electrolux as a technical manual writer and instructor.

Frieda is very active in their Church and is always involved in the latest project or activity. She loves spending time with their grandchildren, swimming, jigsaw puzzles, reading and watching murder mysteries. So stay on her good side....

Doug has too many hobbies and interests to name them all but the main ones are Blacksmithing/Ornamental Ironwork, playing resonator guitar, and the most recent addition - Amateur Radio (AKA - Ham Radio).

They both enjoy traveling to visit friends and family as well as exploring new places. Lots to look forward to in their retirement! Congratulations Doug and Frieda!

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