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specializing in enhancing employee benefits

Bluegrass Financial Partners is an independent financial planning firm with deep roots right in central Kentucky. We are uniquely positioned as the expert for Baptist Health employee's benefits.

Think of us as your one-stop shop providing guidance for things such as retirement, disability insurance, financial planning, and more.

If you are a Director, Physician, or an employee of Baptist Health, then contact us to ensure you are maximizing your employee benefits.


401k Options

Unknown by most, the Baptist Health Fidelity 401K has a feature where we can hire an active money manager to care for your 401K vs the static non-managed approach. 

Physical Therapist

life Insurance
long term care

Need to understand exactly your benefits for your specific situation? Bluegrass Financial Partners will clearly and honestly explain your benefits, as well as options and plan available to you so that you take maximum benefit of all that is offered to you.

Nurse And Patient

ancillary benefits

Baptist Health employees have a basket of additional non-medical benefits. 

To name a few:

Pet Insurance

1hr. Legal council & document prep

HSA - Health Savings Plan

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