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Pumpkin Carving Client Event October 2021

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Held at the Snellen farm in Hodgenville, Ky

We had so much fun at this year's pumpkin carving event! Ryan loaded everyone up and took us on a hayride behind the old John Deere, down the road to Wilmoth's Pumpkins & More.

The selection was amazing! So many varieties of pumpkins and flowers. So unique, and beautiful.

Everyone got to pick out their complimentary pumpkins for carving. The kids loved touching all the weird shapes and pointing out all the colors. They had a blast playing tag around the displays.

Then we headed back to the Snellen farm where we had carving tools, hot chocolate (although it was nearly 80 degrees that day), and snacks. Can't believe we didn't get a photo of all the finished pumpkins!

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